How Health Care Professionals can help their patients

There are several ways as a health care provider you can assist your patients in helping themselves. Most often people go to their doctors when they have questions they cannot find answers for, or have concerns that are causing them anxiety.

There are some easy ways that you can help your female clients access whether or not they need to make an appointment for further investigation or not.

Why OvaTel Can Be Right for All Women

While many women, as well as doctors, do not give much thought into the menstrual cycle unless one it trying to conceive, there are many reasons that one should. There is more to a woman’s monthly cycle than just is she pregnant or not. There are many other scary concerns that can arise when one’s menstrual cycle goes awry.

A normal menstrual cycle can vary among each woman, but will remain fairly consistent in the same woman from month to month. There are some variations that are considered normal, but most would be a reason to seek consultation. OvaTel allows a woman to see if her cycle is considered normal as well as keep a precise record of changes that may need assistance. 

Using the OvaTel fertility monitor will allow women to track their estrogen throughout a given cycle. While this can seem unimportant for those not trying get pregnant, it is does have value. Estrogen can affect the body in many ways and abnormal levels can be an indicator of medical issues that need immediate assistance.

Medical Reasons to Use OvaTel All the Time

Whether or not a woman is trying to get pregnant, she will want to have normal estrogen levels. The amount of estrogen in her body can affect her bone density or indicate a problem such as ovarian cysts, endometriosis, or even some cancers.

You simply instruct your female patients to use their saliva based scope each day and chart the results, along with symptoms, in their MyCycleDiary chart. This will allow you and each woman to see if her cycle is consistent, if she is making the right amount of estrogen during the right phase of each cycle, and possibly diagnose any issues early enough.

Concerns that your clients should be aware of are –

You should instruct any patient experiencing any of the above mentioned issues to make an appointment as soon as possible.

Medical Reasons to Use MyCycleDiary

MyCycleDiary offers patients a place to write down every time they have a symptom or issue in their cycle. It is small enough to fit into almost any purse, but large enough to write down everything you and your patient will need to help figure out what is going on.

Often times, things appear to be fine on the outside. A woman may think her cycle is normal but it is becoming increasingly more irregular. Most women do not realize that their cycle has changed until it has changed so much that it becomes alarming. When you recommend MyCycleDiary to your patients, it allows them to keep track of all the symptoms they have each cycle. The subtle change that arises and worsens can be caught early, before it has time to be alarming or dangerous.

You will able to tell if and when your patient’s chart has changed and if she will need diagnostic testing to find the issue. Conditions such as, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, ovarian cysts, high prolactin, and even some cancers can be diagnosed early when a woman is tracking her cycles each month.