A Cycle Diary

A cycle diary is a tool that both women and their health care providers should use to track the menstrual cycle. It gives you all the information that you will ever need regarding each of your clients’ cycles. The type of information you will want to see from each woman is –

Why Charting Helps Health Care Professionals

There are several reasons why charting will help you as the health care provider. Patients can be a bit eccentric when they are trying to get pregnant. This can lead to constant calling and many unneeded pregnancy tests. The best way to keep patients at bay and help them at the same time is to encourage them to chart their cycles with MyCycleDiary.

Charting is the best way to save time. As most people know, it can take a healthy couple up to a year to get pregnant. Many couples assume that once they are ready it will happen fast. They are unaware that it can take time and timing to conquer their goal. Having women chart their cycles for at least 3 cycles can help them know when their fertile period is so they can time intercourse appropriately. This will also allow a woman to see if she is indeed ovulating at all. If she is not, she then can come into your office for further testing and not have to wait a full year.

Teaching a Woman to Chart

Charting menstrual cycles is easy, but there are some bits of information that you will definitely want your patients to chart. You will want to make sure each patient knows what you expect so that you can get a clear picture of what is going on, normal or not.

Charting specific types of information will allow you to paint a picture of what your patient’s cycles are doing and whether or not you need to do anything to help them or not. Things to be charted include –

Reasons to Use My Cycle Diary

There are so many good reasons to use MyCycleDiary. The list can be endless. While most women will not discover charting their cycles till they are trying to conceive, all women should be charting what their menstrual cycles do each time.

Charting offers patients a way to keep you informed easily, make sure their bodies are normal, and give you a heads up if things change and further diagnostics are needed. All women in your practice should be encouraged to chart, no matter if this is her first cycle or her last. Tracking one’s cycle offers a way to keep healthy and notice changes that could be potentially dangerous sooner.