Using OvaTel and My Cycle Diary as diagnostic tools

One of the benefits of using OvaTel and MyCycleDiary is that it can be a diagnostic tool. There are expectations when you use the fertility scope and charting system. Doctors can save their patient’s time and money – and in most cases heartache and suffering. Simply teach your clients how to use the OvaTel scope and chart their cycles with MyCycleDiary, and your clients will no longer have to wait 6 months to a year for reproductive help.

The Estrogen Test

During a cycle a woman will begin follicle production on day one. As the follicles grow they release estrogen. The bigger the follicles get, the more they release until the peak levels bring on ovulation.

OvaTel can tell women if they have an estrogen issue by not showing the ferning pattern at all during a cycle. If a woman is not seeing ferning, she may not be ovulating. If the ferning is happening all cycle long and she is not pregnant, she could have health or hormone issues that need immediate attention. Teaching your patients to use the OvaTel microscope can save everyone involved time and money.

Patients can come in as soon as the third charted cycle if the ferning is abnormal. This will allow you to run the needed tests to determine the issue fast and early. Allowing patients to go a full year with several losses, annovulation, or other reproductive issues is unnecessary and cruel. Allowing your patients to see for themselves using OvaTel if they are ovulating can keep those who are trying the designated full year, while the ones who are clearly not can seek help sooner.

Charting For Health

Having your patients chart is not only for them, it is a great way to see if your patient has an issue such as PCOS or endometriosis. These issues are very common and even more commonly missed in most women. If you want to be able to have an edge that other health care professionals do not, have your clients chart in their MyCycleDiary and bring it in to you at every annual exam.

You will be able to see what each patient’s cycle is doing, if their periods are regular, if their bleeding is normal, and whether or not ovulation is happening. Some patients may also have symptoms that they think are normal that you will be able to catch and fix fast.

Charting in MyCycleDiary is not only for women trying to get pregnant. Many issues once charted begin to stand out. By helping your patients help themselves, you make sure that illness and issues are caught early and dealt with fast for the best outcome and recovery. Many reproductive problems including infertility and cancer can be diagnosed extremely early if one is used to charting their cycle and can see the change it would take once a problem occurred.