Reasons to use and recommend OvaTel

There are so many reasons for healthcare professionals to recommend OvaTel to their patients. This mini-scope does more than just to help women to conceive, it’s ideal for those who deal with female reproductive issues.

Preconception Detection

If you are looking to aid a couple in conceiving you will want to start with education. Many couples assume that stopping birth control and having intercourse will enable them to fall pregnant immediately. This is not always the case. Many times the body has to adjust hormonally for months, and sometimes years, after stopping some forms of birth control. The OvaTel fertility monitor allows a woman to see if her estrogen levels appear normal.

During the ovulation period her estrogen will peak causing a ferning pattern to emerge. This ferning indicates that ovulation is soon to follow. After stopping hormonal birth control, a woman can prepare by using the saliva test to see when her estrogen returns to normal, and she is ovulating again. This will enable her and her partner to try and conceive at the right time.

Infertility Issues

For couples with infertility, it can be hard to understand what a delay in conception means. Most couples are forced to either wait a year with no conceptions or more than two losses to seek outside help. OvaTel can aid women and their healthcare professionals to an earlier diagnosis. No woman should have to struggle to get or stay pregnant when something can be done sooner.

Doctors can recommend OvaTel for 3 consecutive cycles. This will allow both patient and doctor to:

Diagnostic testing should be done if a woman appears to not be ovulating or ovulating with no pregnancy, not having consistent ferning, or bleeding soon after ovulation. This will pinpoint whether she or her partner have any issues that might be hindering conception.

Hormone Imbalance

OvaTel measures the level of estrogen in a woman’s saliva during the course of her menstrual cycle.If a client is not producing enough estrogen she will not get the ferning pattern at any point during her cycle. This could mean she has issues with her ovaries, progesterone, prolactin, or even cysts.

The opposite issue would be for a woman to have ferning all cycle long. This means her estrogen is too high and can indicate other types of cysts, tumors, or other potentially dangerous conditions. Using OvaTel can enable more women to get early diagnosis and treatment for potentially life threatening conditions. This can save many lives and possibly the ability to try for a family in the future if caught early.