Reasons to Use My Cycle Diary

There are many myths surrounding reproduction in today’s society. One of them is that, if you have sex, you will get pregnant. Not only is this not always the case, it is not that easy most of the time! You may also want to use your cycle diary to be more aware of your health and learn signs that shouldn’t be ignored.

Trying to Become Pregnant

If your clients are trying to become pregnant they might be under the impression that this will be simple. We are taught in health class that if we simply have sex without protection it will happen. Many women find that they are not becoming pregnant as quickly as they desire.

It’s a myth that every woman ovulates on the 14th day of their menstrual cycle. When a woman ovulates is dependent on her cycle length, amount of estrogen, and her age. A woman can ovulate as soon as 10 days into her cycle and as late as 21. How to determine this can be easy if you are having your patients use MyCycleDiary to chart her menstrual cycle.

A woman with a normal cycle will ovulate 12-16 days before her next period. This means very little if she does not have regular cycles or her cycles are long or short compared to the 28 day average. Charting her symptoms include –

In her chart, she will have a space to simply mark what type of symptoms she has to enable you to pin point her most fertile time per cycle. This will allow you to help her time intercourse, and get pregnant faster.

Irregularities and Infertility

Often women are not told that some of the symptoms they have are not healthy. We are put on birth control and do not give it a single thought until it’s too late. Often a woman will stop birth control to become pregnant and, after a few cycles, her periods become irregular and sometime stop all together. Sometimes this can be caused by the hormone withdrawal that going off some birth controls can cause. Other times this is actually infertility.

If your patient has never had regular cycles off of birth control, you may find that this cycle pattern may return post contraception. Charting her cycle on MyCycleDiary will allow you and your patient to see if irregular cycles are what she has and what is causing them. Not all cycle irregularities are bad, but if your client has more than 3 irregular cycles in a row, then you need to find the underlying cause.

Signs of infertility can be –

If your patient is experiencing any of these, have her come in to see you immediately. Make sure she brings in her MyCycleDiary to show you. The information it provides can be vital to the diagnosis and treatment.