Saving Patients Time and Money

When it comes to using OvaTel, you really can save your patients time and money. The old way of thinking is not the only way. While it can take a healthy couple up to a year to get pregnant, not every healthy couple can get pregnant on their own. It’s heartwrenching enough for a woman to struggle to get and stay pregnant, but to then not be able to get help for a year can be cruel. Giving your patients OvaTel can take the guess work out of trying to conceive.

Testing Fertility

As we all know, when a woman wants to become pregnant, it can’t seem to happen soon enough. Most women panic after the first month when they still get their period. As health care professionals we know that it can take a while for conception to occur. Our patients do not always understand this.

Recommending OvaTel and teaching your patients to time their fertility can save you from getting impatient clients begging for appointments too soon. On the other hand, it will enable those with fertility issues to see that something is not right and get in to see you sooner than one year. No woman who is not ovulating should be forced to wait to get help.

Women should be instructed to use OvaTel in conjunction with their MyCycleDiary for three consecutive cycles. This will allow them to see if they are timing intercourse correctly within their fertile period. The fertile period will be the time that she gets a ferning pattern in conjunction with other fertility symptoms such as egg white cervical mucus, ovarian cramping, and increased sex drive. If she is not getting ferning at all in the three cycles, then it is safe to say that she is not ovulating. If she is getting irregular ferning throughout her cycles, with no real pattern, then there could be no ovulation and/or issues that need to be diagnosed and treated.

To most doctors and nurses asking a patient to wait the full year to seek help may be standard procedure. However, to many women, the waiting can feel like the end of her world.

It can also cause more harm than good. The most common reasons for infertility do not get better with time, but rather they get worse. Issues such as PCOS and endometriosis must be treated for most women to get and stay successfully pregnant

OvaTel can quickly help you help your patients find out if their fertility is normal or compromised. This will allow those who are compromised to be helped sooner. Those with normal trends can them wait the full year.

Cost Effective

Fertility testing is not only an emotional endeavor for most couples, it is costly, too. There are very few insurance programs that cover infertility testing and treatments. The ones that do cover it rarely cover half of it.

Many women wonder every month why they are not pregnant. They get anxious and think that something is wrong when it is not. They want expensive and unnecessary testing too soon. Other women try and try but their cycles are irregular or they never seem to get pregnant at all. OvaTel will tell you which of your patients need fertility testing and which ones need to wait it out.

Using OvaTel with MyCycleDiary will save your clients a lot of money. Even the clients who are experiencing difficulty will save by not wasting money on urine tests every cycle.