Taking it into Practice

OvaTel and MyCycleDiary should be a part of any doctor’s practice. If you are the type of doctor who wants to be able to offer your patients trust, compassion, and still save time, you cannot go wrong with recommending OvaTel and MyCycleDiary to all of your female patients.

So many people forget the importance of a woman’s monthly cycle. We are taught about birth control and that’s it. We are not always informed on how the body should work, what birth control can do over the long haul, or how long it can take to get pregnant once you’re ready.

How Using OvaTel and MyCycleDiary Can Help Your Practice

There are several ways that you will benefit from integrating both OvaTel and MyCycleDiary into your practice. In today’s world, appointments are quick and jammed packed. Most times you and your patients are rushed. Often, patients forget what they came for once in your office. Some get confused and leave out important information. This will no longer be the case if you are recommending your patients use OvaTel and MyCycleDiary.

On so many levels, time is of the essence. Most appointments run between 15-30 minutes, unless there is diagnostic testing or consulting to be done. During this time there is so much to cover. When your client makes an appointment you can look over their cycle chart to see exactly what the issues are. This eliminates the possibility of a patient forgetting their concerns and having to come back for a second visit. It has been proven that women who chart their cycles are less likely to call and make appointments for no reason. These same women have a higher chance of getting diagnosed and treated sooner than women who have no idea about their cycles until it is too late.

Taking Compassion to a New Level

There are so many unwanted waits in life. Getting help when you need it most can be one of them. For countless couples infertility is a reality. We teach people to be safe and use birth control, but what we forget to teach patients is that they have a normal cycle that should always be normal when not on contraception.

For those trying to conceive, they are told to try for 12 months before they can get guidance and help. This can not only be emotionally painful, but cause more health concerns over time. The reasons for infertility are many, but the waiting can cause many of them to do more damage over time. Issues such as endometriosis and PCOS can get worse as time goes on. Wait a year can not only cause your client to miscarry over and over, it can stop her from being able to get or stay pregnant at all.

Recommending OvaTel and MyCycleDiary to all of your female clients will teach then what their true cycle is. It will be able to show you and them if there are other concerns before they get out of hand. You will be able to see if your clients are ovulating, if they have luteal phase defect, irregular cycles, or other health problems that could cause issues now and in the future. This will enable you to diagnose and treat you patients earlier than ever and save them heart ache and potential loss.