Teaching a Woman to Chart

Health care providers can help their patients by teaching them to chart their menstrual cycles. There are so many variations to a woman’s menses, that many women are confused about what is normal and what is not. It can also be hard to determine what each patient is trying to say when you are not sure they fully understand how their cycles work. MyCycleDiary allows both you and your patient be on the same page about what is happening.

Teaching a woman to chart her cycle in MyCycleDiary can not only help her to understand her body better, it can give you a clue to if there is problem and what to test for if there is. It will also allow you to soothe an anxious woman who thinks something is amiss, when she is in good health.

Chart Worthy Symptoms

You will need to quickly go over what you expect each woman to chart on her MyCycleDiary page. This is very simple as there are indicated slots for her to enter the information. You might have to explain what cervical mucus is and how to tell the difference between egg white and creamy so she knows how to chart it correctly.

Symptoms that should be charted in a woman’s MyCycleDiary include:

MyCycleDiary Pocket Charting

Unlike other charting software programs, MyCycleDiary is compact, can be discretely carried, and is easy to use. This makes charting cycles away from home easy and stress free. This is great for users and physicians alike. Clients don’t have to wait until they get home to add in daily symptoms, which mean their charts are more accurate as to what is going on with their actual cycles.

It’s easy to ask patients to use MyCycleDiary. Once you explain how charting can help every woman know her individual cycle, see when and if ovulation is occurring, and if she might have some reproductive issues, most women will gladly accommodate you.

Charting For Change

Teaching women to chart using MyCycleDiary should be second nature. If the medical community can aid women in this simple, easy way to help themselves, many positive changes for the future can occur.

Charting will alleviate unnecessary medical visits and tests. It will enable you, as a health care provider to help the women in your practice feel enabled and in control of their reproductive health. This will give them an active role in what is going on in their body. MyCycleDiary charting can help all women, from those experiencing their 1st menses to those in menopause, understand each of their cycle and the changes than can occur naturally, or the ones that can cause issues in the future.

Encouraging women to chart can save everyone involved time and money. Charting can also save lives. Early signs and symptoms that might have gone ignored will now be seen easily so that treatment can occur before a serious condition becomes life threatening or debilitating.