The Estrogen Cycle

The cycle that leads to a mature egg revolves mainly around estrogen. It is the estrogen rise that ovulation monitors, such as OvaTel, look for. Most women do not know the science that perpetuates their monthly menses. Even when asked the basics, most cannot answer when ovulation occurred, how long menstruation lasted, and when their last menstrual period was.

OvaTel can teach women about the estrogen cycle in an easy, inexpensive way. As the follicle begins to grow, it begins to secrete more and more estrogen. This positive feedback system is what allows the ovum to mature and eventually release during ovulation. This time in a woman’s cycle is known as the follicular phase. Most women are not aware that as estrogen increases during the follicular phase it thickens the lining to help prepare the womb for post ovulation conditions. Their sex drive, secretions, and whole bodies are reacting to the increasing amounts in order to conceive.

OvaTel measures the level of estrogen in a woman’s cycle at any point in time using her saliva. Estrogen rises in the blood stream as it is secreted by the maturing follicles until it peaks. During this time estrogen in saliva will cause a crystalline pattern to develop as the saliva is allowed to dry naturally on a slide. Once the estrogen has begun to peak, right before the release of a mature ovum, the crystalline pattern looks just like the leaves of a fern. This is called ferning.

When a woman is taught by her doctor how to look for the ferning pattern using OvaTel, she is able to find out many important aspects of her cycle. She will get an understanding of about the time when she ovulates each cycle or if she seems to not be ovulating. Women who know how to look at their cycles for the right hormonal symptoms tend to only come in for questions when there are legitimate concerns, not out of confusion. OvaTel will allow all women to see the hormones in action during their menstrual cycle so that they will know if it seems to be normal or not.

OvaTel can help physicians help their clients to recognize and understand a normal or abnormal cycle easily no matter what their education level is. The normal estrogen cycle that occurs with each menstruation can be seen easily with the ferning scope, unlike the guessing that can take place using other fertility monitors and urine sticks. OvaTel is also cost effective for all patients unlike many alternatives that cost more and more money each and every cycle.

As a health care professional, you want your clients to be educated about the health of their own bodies and know when it is time to ask for guidance. OvaTel can enable you and your clients to know when things are normal or abnormal. This way further testing and diagnostics can be avoided if there are no issues or concerns, or done to help with early intervention when there are problems.