What does OvaTel do

OvaTel has many purposes in the medical community. With more demands being heaped upon doctors, it is very valuable to have tools that can help clients help themselves. You can help your clients manage their health better when they know if the concerns they have are actual concerns, or simply lack of knowledge.

OvaTel will allow doctors to teach patients to:

Saving Time and Money

Today more than ever, doctors have less and less time to spend with patients. Visits are shorter and there is not much time to spend on trying to decipher what your client’s needs are. OvaTel offers doctors a way to educate women about what to expect throughout their cycle.

You can simply offer OvaTel to your patient to see how her cycles balance out. She will be able to use the mini-scope for 3 consecutive cycles, chart her information, and present it to you to review after the allotted time. This will save you and your patient time and money. Simply view her chart, symptoms, and scope findings to see if further testing is required at that time.

Pre-diagnostic Findings

There are many diseases that can cause an increase in estrogen that is abnormal. Many of these cause infertility and some can even be fatal. Early diagnosis and intervention are the keys to saving lives.

When using OvaTel, a woman would be able to tell if her estrogen is not normal. She would see either constant ferning without being pregnant or no ferning at all at any time in her cycle. This would prompt her to seek medical help and further diagnostic testing. Many cancers can cause estrogen to be off in a woman’s body and are not diagnosed until too late. OvaTel can help women know when things are not right before they risk dying or losing their reproductive organs.

Offer Reassurance to Clients

Many patients who are trying to conceive become highly anxious when they do not get pregnant right away. Doctors know it can take a healthy couple up to a year or more, depending on age and health, to become successfully pregnant. Many couples are not aware of this and get very nervous when they hit the 2-3 month mark with no positive pregnancy test.

OvaTel is a low cost way for women to maximize their fertility window and help them to know when they are most likely ovulating. Health care professionals can teach women what to look for with their microscope when fertile to maximize their chances. This will also reassure the couple that conception takes some time and that the woman’s cycle is normal. If fertility is an issue, it can be diagnosed early as well. When a doctor offers education and methods to reassure patients, they themselves are more trust worthy.