Why charting helps Health Care Professionals

There are so many reasons why health care professional should recommend their clients to chart their menstrual cycles. Charting enables you, as a care giver, to see what is actually going on with your patient, so that you can treat them more proficiently. Although many symptoms and emotions are normal during a woman’s cycle, some things are not and they should be caught early on to prevent complications later.

Opening the Lines of Communication

The communication between doctors and their patients can sometimes feel stressed and compromised. Often times when asked, women feel that their care givers do not provide them with enough time. They feel that their concerns are validated, and do not feel that their doctor listened to them.

Using a charting system, such as MyCycleDiary, you will now be able to use the short time you have listening and helping your client, verses trying to figure out what they are actually saying. Recommending that your female clients chart their cycles each month will enable you to look for any irregularities, uncontrolled symptoms, issues that might otherwise be hidden or dismissed, and allow you to take action early to prevent further complications later.

The communication between patient and doctor is a vital one and should never feel compromised if you want your client to trust your expertise. Using MyCycleDiary allows you to utilize your time and understand your patients concerns quickly and easily. This can be brought to each annual exam for you to look at and talk about to be sure that the reproductive health of each woman is sound.

Less Room for Error

When health care professionals ask for their clients chart diary at each annually exam, they can get a picture of the woman’s entire menstrual cycle for the year. You will be able to see if she has had any irregularities she was not aware of and if they could be the beginning of an issue.

This type of charting allows you and your client to see what is happening and correct issues such as, but not only limited to –

When a client comes in with a full and accurate list of what is going on with her body, it enables you to find the issue fast and fix it. If there are no issues with the chart, then you can ease the client’s anxiety and save her time and money. No woman should have to feel that she is invisible to her health care professional, but many times women get worried that something is wrong when it is not.

MyCycleDiary can help you empower your clients with knowledge that will save time, money, worry, and help them feel heard. The more doctors that ask women to chart their monthly cycles will have better relationships with their doctors.